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STOCKTON -- RJ Parungao is in the business of fixing cars, but on Wednesday the owner of Ohana Car Care in Stockton because a dream maker.

“It feels really good. There was shock when they came by here, they saw the car the way it looks like," Parangao said.

The business owner said he and his wife watched FOX40 months ago and saw a report on Eric Peterson.

The Oakdale man was severely injured in a 2012 DUI crash in Utah.

Peterson is paralyzed and had been unable to come home to California due to legal complications. He finally flew back home in December of last year.

The Oakdale man was also in need of a vehicle to help him get to and from appointments.

“Eric is doing wonderful, actually. He just went last week and had surgery on his left foot,” Gary Peterson, Eric's uncle said. “It warms my heart in ways I couldn't tell you.”

He said Eric and their family are eternally grateful to Ohana Car Care for the donation, “and to have them donate one to us, and go through it, and do all the work that they did… is you can't thank people like this enough.”

Parangao said this has been a heartwarming experience, he's glad he could help.

“We were so happy as Ohana Car Care to, you know… to make that happen for somebody,” Parangao explained.

Peterson added that Eric will thank the owners of Ohana Car Care in person on Friday.


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